DELTA YOWA 5.0.0b6 No Replace and Delete

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Changelog DELTA ULTRA v5.0.0 :

  • Anti Banned Improved
  • Home UI v2
  • Media Share Quality
  • Gradient Bubble
  • Base Version
  • More..

Changelog DELTA ULTRA 4.2.0F EXT :

  • Extended Version
  • Sticker Radius
  • End Group
  • More..

Changelog DELTA ULTRA v4.2.0F :

  • Added Change Attachment Style
  • Added Personalization for Call Screen
  • Added Change WA Video player
  • Added 'CARD' Text Input Style
  • Added Styles of About (About Version)
  • Added Change Admin Icon in Groups
  • Added Cards in Contacts Screen
  • Added Hide 3 Dots on Chat Screen
  • Added Select all at Once when Adding in Groups
  • Added Clear Color Palette
  • Enabled Voting in Polls
  • Enabled Status View Ring around Profile
  • Enabled Some Minor Hidden Functions
  • Re-added Up Button to First Message + Custom Icons

No replace delete!!
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